Noctia Institute is a non-profit organisation that advocates for the protection and conservation of the nocturnal habitat. Through a multidisciplinary approach involving educational and artistic events, research activities, creative workshops, exhibitions, partnerships, and media campaigns, the Institute aims to grow awareness about the importance of preserving natural darkness. Noctia strives to draw attention to the problems and dangerous consequences of light pollution for night habitats, biodiversity and human health, and to research scientific, developmental and environmental opportunities made possible by a preserved dark sky. [at]

About the Founder

Samyukta Manikumar is a multidisciplinary astronomy enthusiast and dark sky advocate.

She has always been interested in space, and different ways of making sense of it. Formally trained in natural science, her approach to astronomy has evolved across disciplines through outreach, astrotourism, development, and science communication.

Born and raised in Kenya, nature and conservation have been a consistent influence on her outlook, and instilled the commitment to live with sensitivity and respect to the planet and its inhabitants. She is interested in preserving the nocturnal environment that sustains life on earth, paying homage to our cultural relationship with the night sky, and using these to inspire personal reflection and collective sustainable growth.