Introducing Our New Look and Focus

We have realigned our mission & goals to encourage activities that will make a measurable difference in light pollution on the ground in target areas. We made the decision to focus our efforts on nocturnal habitat protection for wildlife. You can learn more about these changes here.

Dark Sky Defender Award 2022

Our founder, Samyukta, received the 2022 Dark Sky Defender Award from the International Dark-Sky Association for extensive work in developing astrotourism in and creating a database to catalog the impacts of light pollution on wildlife in Kenya.

You can learn more about the database below.

This database catalogues Kenyan wildlife species which are demonstrably affected by artificial light at night.

Light pollution is a serious threat to the balance of ecosystems, but there has been no direct research conducted on wildlife and ecosystems in Kenya and Eastern Africa. However, some species in Kenya are also found in other parts of the world, and the effects of artificial lighting on these species have been studied elsewhere. Such studies have been cross-referenced with lists of local species to create this database. The information from the research is also summarised to make it readable to a wide audience.

You can access the database here.