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At Noctia Institute, we believe that the nighttime habitat is just as important as the daytime one. We aim to better understand the vulnerable nocturnal habitat, and to protect and restore natural darkness for wildlife conservation.

The night is important.

The night is important.

We focus on the impacts of light pollution on wildlife and ecosystems, and work towards preserving the natural nocturnal habitat. Through research, education, and outreach programs, we strive to increase awareness and promote wildlife and habitat conservation efforts.


Nighttime as a habitat: Part 2

Exploring the notion of night as a habitat situated in time.

Nighttime as a habitat: Part 1

Exploring how anthropogenic lighting can shrink the physical habitat of nocturnal creatures.

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Your donation funds research projects and outreach work that build a better understanding of the importance of natural darkness.

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We partner with individuals, communities, and organisations to encourage protection of natural dark habitats.


February 2023 Newsletter

A small update of our activities, and what to expect in the future >

Introducing Our New Look and Focus

Realigning our visual identity with our new goals for the coming years >

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