Introducing Our New Look and Focus

We are excited to announce our organisation’s renewed focus on protecting and restoring vulnerable nocturnal habitats. As we continue to grow and evolve, we recognise the need to clarify our mission and better align our work with our vision for a naturally darker world.

We have realigned our mission & goals to encourage activities that will make a measurable difference in light pollution on the ground in target areas. We made the decision to focus our efforts on nocturnal habitat protection for wildlife, summarised in a new mission:

To understand and better protect the vulnerable nocturnal habitat

Our approach is to understand the effects of light pollution in understudied areas through simple monitoring projects, and to encourage dark sky and dark habitat protection through education and engagement. We will continue our online awareness-raising campaigns, but also attempt to ground our work in material results through partnerships, community conservation, and targeted outreach work. This work will mostly take place in Slovenia and Kenya, but since all dark places are worth protecting, we are open to collaborations in any location to bridge gaps in research and to restore naturally dark areas.

Our refocusing reflects our commitment to understanding and preserving the crucial role that the nocturnal habitat plays in the health and well-being of our planet-wide ecosystem. We believe that by highlighting the importance of natural darkness, we can inspire meaningful action to protect and restore the night for future generations.

We have also updated our logo and website to better reflect our renewed focus and commitment to our mission. We hope that these changes will help us to better communicate our work and engage more people in our efforts to protect and restore the nocturnal habitat.

As we move forward with our new look and focus, we will continue to share updates on our progress towards our goals, and welcome your feedback and support as we strive to restore natural nights.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to working with you to protect and restore the nocturnal habitat for generations to come.